Playing video games and others with kids at home

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Playing video games with children has become a common practice in households across America. From playing board games to letting our children join us in watching Netflix shows, there are tons of ways to enjoy family time together. If you want to try something new with your kid, here are some ideas.

playing games
playing family games

Playing card games together for hours!

You can play anything from the classic Go Fish or Crazy Eights to more complicated titles such as Bridge, Pinochle and even Poker. It’s also easy to learn new games that will be fun for all ages.

Read books together.

Reading is one activity that really bonds families together because it doesn’t require much effort on anyone’s part. Many parents choose to read bedtime stories before going to sleep so they don’t have to worry about their kids being cranky while trying to fall asleep.

Watch movies together!

This is another great way to bond while still getting plenty of quality bonding time in. Some parents feel like their kids aren’t old enough to watch certain movies without them but if you take turns sitting down and enjoying the movie together then everyone can feel included.

Cook together

Cooking is another great bonding experience. Whether you are making dinner for the whole family or just having some fast-food at home after a long day of work, cooking together helps you connect with each other and spend time enjoying what you’ve created.

Sing songs together!

Songs are an amazing way to bring people together and create memories. Learning a song together teaches your child how wonderful music is and why we sing along to every song we hear on the radio. Plus, singing makes a lot of noise which means less chances of hearing any background noises or distractions outside the house.

Teach your children responsibility.

Teaching your child responsibilities will help him develop into a well-mannered teenager and adult. For example, teach your kids how to clean up their rooms, do homework, make meals for themselves, etc. Your children will thank you later when they see how responsible they look once they turn 18 years old!

Have fun!

Making memories together is the best thing about being a parent. Try doing simple things around the house that make you happy, such as taking out the trash, cleaning the bathroom sink, helping to cook, or washing dishes. These simple tasks are quick and won’t take too much time away from your busy schedules.

Take your teenagers shopping

Shopping with your teen might seem intimidating at first but this simple task will give you an opportunity to get to know them better and show them that you trust them to handle yourself. Don’t forget to shop for items they need for school as well!

Plan a vacation together

Vacations allow you to slow down and relax. Before you plan a trip, talk to your kids about where they would like to go. You may find that they prefer staying home or going to visit grandparents instead. Either way, planning a trip with your family will help you reconnect with each other and have fun.

Do arts & crafts together

Arts & crafts are great activities to do with your kids because you can use creative skills to express your feelings and thoughts. If you’re feeling stressed or depressed, try creating something with your kids to calm you down.

Play games together

Just like watching movies, playing games together lets you bond and enjoy a common interest. Playing board games with your kids is also a good way to keep them entertained while you prepare meals or do other chores.

Help your teens grow in wisdom

One of your most important jobs as a parent is to raise your child up to be wise and strong. Children who receive proper guidance learn more effectively than those who are left alone. By teaching your kids life lessons, you’ll give them the knowledge and discipline needed to thrive in adulthood.


As hard as parenting is sometimes, there will always be ups and downs in your relationship with your kids. Remembering that all relationships must eventually end