Perhaps you are running out of Games for Kids: Try these outdoor Games

With the ongoing crisis of the Covid 19 people are required to stay at home. Some of the games such as dog bingo games played indoors can end up being boring hence there are some outdoor games one can try.

  1. Crayola Side Walk Chalk

    This he is mostly suitable for children. This is an easy he which is played by the family. It can be played on sidewalks, drive ways by easily decorating them with chalks. This game can be played using chalks of different colors.

  2. Spike Ball

    This is a game which is similar to volleyball. It can be played by four players. Each team must have a maximum of 4 to 6 players .This is game is similar to volley ball especially the set up and how it’s played.

  3. Corn whole ladder ball combo

    This is a sturdy game and it can be played by both kids and adults. This game is played using tables and other crafts. It is played with bean bags, table plugs and accessory bags.

  4. Camo chameleon bag toss

    This game is ideal for young kids. This is a beam bag game. It can be played by 2 or more players’ .In this game one aims to throw things in the bag. This increases their concentration and counting skills.

  5. Jumbo pickup sticks

    This game can be played by both adults and kids. This game is whereby one will be collecting sticks and putting them in a bag. This improves one’s counting skills and strategy.

  6. Croquet

    This game is suitable for large families. It is similar to cricket. It is played using balls, wooden stages, a carrying bag and wickets. This game is a fun family game.

  7. Buddy bumper balls

    This game is also ideal for the whole family. In this game the players wear the balls and start bouncing and rolling. However adults are advised to be around when this game is being played as the balls are heavy.

  8. Flicking chicken

    This combined a number of games such as golf this game is played by 2 to 4 players. Players toss their chickens at their targets until they win. This game is one of the most difficult games as chickens are unpredictable. A person wins after being successful in nine rounds.

  9. Sport time ball pack

    This game is usually played by people with a sporting background. This game us a combination of games such as basketball, tennis, football and volleyball. It is played using soccer balls, volleyball balls junior football and storage bags.

  10. Bottle bash

    This game is mainly suitable for adults. In this game one has to knock the bottle of the opponent down in order to win. In this game there has to be balls, ground stakes, aluminum poles and storage bags.

    In conclusion during these mentally challenging times one must be occupied with different types of outdoor games to get fresh air. These include Flicking chicken, buddy bumper balls and bottle bash.